Professional Teeth Whitening Kit At Home In Australia

Interested in brightening your smile but you can’t afford the treatment your dentist offers? Our professional teeth whitening kits are exactly what you need.

Through vigorous testing we were able to develop a uniquely formulated teeth whitening gel which effectively whitens teeth, doesn’t contain any harmfully aggressive chemicals, and which is affordable for all.

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About Our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

The contents of our kits vary; in particular, the advanced kits come with a teeth whitening pen for making touch-ups when you’re out and about. Aside from this, all of our kits include:

  • SmilePro Whitening Gel (our own formulation)
  • Accelerator Tooth Whitening Light
  • Mouth Tray
  • Shading Guide
  • Instructions

Take your whitening experience to the next level and buy our advanced teeth whitening kit. In addition to the products above, you’ll also receive a whitening pen. After you finish all of your gel applications, you can use this teeth whitening device to make minor touch-ups every so often to maintain that sparkling smile.

All of our DIY teeth whitening kits are created so you can do your own teeth whitening without needing another person. But there's nothing wrong with having someone else help you apply your professional teeth whitening kit.

Even better – if you’ve got a friend who wants to whiten their teeth then our Best Friends Advanced kit gives you twice as many products but at a discounted rate!

The Benefits Of Doing Teeth Whitening At Home

Doing professional teeth whitening at home isn’t just about restoring your teeth to a brighter shade of white; there are several other benefits too. 

  • Better Oral Hygiene. After using a home teeth whitening kit, you’ll be more inclined to take care of your teeth. Oral hygiene can impact the colour of your teeth, and by taking steps to keep your mouth clean and healthy, you can retain that whiteness for a long time.

  • Improved Mood. Your mental health will also get a boost. Not only will you be less self-conscious about discolouration but as such, you’ll be much happier overall.

  • Quick and Painless. Some teeth whitening treatments can take several months before you see a difference; others involve chemicals that could make your mouth more sensitive. Using one of our kits will yield quick results and won’t leave any sensitivity or irritation behind.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Home Couldn't Be Easier

At SmilePro we make an effort to go the extra mile. Our customers are only interested in effectively whitening their teeth and with our kits, you can enjoy professional teeth whitening at home. However, this isn’t the only reason why we’re many people’s first choice.

  • Safe and Easy. Our unique formula was created without any toxic chemicals and therefore won’t erode your enamel. Neither your gums or teeth will be harmed when using our kits.

  • Professional Kits. Professional whitening doesn’t mean you need a professional – the opposite, in fact. Our kits are made to a professional standard and are used by dentists all over the world. Instead of an expensive trip to your dentist, our affordable teeth whitening kits deliver the same results.

  • We Guarantee Results. Every one of our customers is given a satisfaction guarantee. If you use a SmilePro kit and don’t see a noticeable improvement, we’ll give you a refund (we’ve yet to have a disappointed customer!).

How Our Products Can Help

Are you looking for the best professional teeth whitening kit on the market that can help to remove discolouration in your teeth? Then look no further than SmilePro Worldwide! Our professional home teeth whitening kit is designed to be used in the comfort of your own home, so there is no inconvenience to you, and you can avoid the high costs that are usually associated with teeth whitening at the dentists’ office. Find out more below about what is causing this discolouration in your teeth, so you can avoid these things after achieving your new pearly white teeth!

Our Devices, Gels & Pens Fight Tooth Discolouration 

Our professional teeth whitening kit is sought after due to discolouration of the teeth that can make you unhappy with your appearance. Tooth discolouration will happen to everyone at some point. However, there are some common culprits that will speed up this process and should be avoided.

The biggest cause of stained teeth is, of course, food and drink. When you are consuming drinks containing lots of sugar, tannin and acid, this can quickly lead to the decaying of your tooth enamel. Just think about trying to remove a stain from your clothing that has been caused by red wine, blueberries or blackberries. It is extremely difficult, right? Your teeth are no different, and so you should avoid them to preserve your teeth.

Another major cause of tooth discolouration is simply age. As you get older, your enamel starts to become thinner, and this allows the dentin to peak through. Again, as you age, this dentin becomes more and more yellow and can darken, which give the appearance of your teeth discolouring.

Tooth discolouration can often be caused by a lack of oral hygiene. To keep your teeth shiny and white, you should be brushing and flossing them every day, or otherwise, this can lead to a build-up of plaque. Not only will this lead to your teeth becoming discoloured, it can also lead to a whole lot of other dental problems too. Plaque usually isn’t even visible on top of your teeth, and so you may be blissfully unaware it is even there until it’s a little too late.

Lastly, the final cause of teeth discolouration we are going to talk about is tobacco. The tar and nicotine in this is absorbed by your teeth, and this causes heavy staining that is an unsightly brown and yellow colour. You’ll first spot this near your gums, and it will slowly rise through your teeth.

Check Out Our Available Products

At SmilePro Worldwide, we have the very best professional teeth whitening products on the market. Our products are safe and use patented light alongside our unique formula to give you a bright, white smile. This really is the most cost-effective way in Australia to achieve your new smile. Get in touch with our team today at for more information about the range of professional teeth whitening at home products we offer and which one will be best suited to you.

Order Your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Now! 

Go ahead and choose one of our highly effective professional teeth whitening kits, add it to your cart, and place your order today.

After receiving your kit, you’ll be able to get started with the first application, and before you know it, your smile will be as many as eight shades brighter than it was.

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